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The Pantheon

Carry Your Debt Signed Paperback (PRE-ORDER)

Carry Your Debt Signed Paperback (PRE-ORDER)

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PRE-ORDER ITEM ONLY. Release date TBA. Book will ship as soon as it becomes available.

Signed 5.5″ x 8.5″ paperback.

If you would like a personal message to you from the author, or from your favorite MC from the Pantheon series, please leave details in the Order Customization box.


Book two in The Pantheon series, a dark reverse harem romance set in the shared universe of the Imperium in Imperio criminal underworld.

Please be advised that this series contains dark subject matter and consensual sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+. For a more detailed list, please check my Content Warnings page.


A dark contemporary RH #whychoose romance.

Okay, so, my whole Academy “mission” slash “punishment” was nothing but a smokescreen for more of Sebastian’s dangerous reindeer games. A fact I probably should have seen coming, considering his track record.

The true reason for sending me into the Aces' viper’s nest? His legacy.

Now, that? That was the real surprise. A quintessential Grayson blindsiding, if you will. We thought we’d done our due diligence—so how the f*** did we miss this? All I know is our slip up may just cost me one of the only people that my rusty, sluggish heart beats for.

The Gray Man will still be counting on a bunch of new souls to be added to the ranks of his empire; he’s nothing if not ruthless and wickedly ambitious. I'm definitely not off the hook there.

No time to stop and take a breath, however, because not only has the Underworld’s Symposium arrived, but the South’s time to crown a new Sovereign has just run out.

It’s time for the Labors to begin.

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