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The Pantheon

Forget Me Twice Signed Paperback

Forget Me Twice Signed Paperback

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Signed 5.5″ x 8.5″ paperback.

If you would like a personal message to you from the author, or from your favorite MC from the Pantheon series, please leave details in the Order Customization box.


Book one in The Pantheon series, a dark reverse harem romance set in the shared universe of the Imperium in Imperio criminal underworld.

Please be advised that this series contains dark subject matter and consensual sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+. For a more detailed list, please check my Content Warnings page.


A dark contemporary RH #whychoose romance.

Five years ago, Sebastian Grayson, Lexingtons’s beloved Mayor, caught word of my rare ability and lured me off the streets with a job offer I couldn’t refuse.

Literally could not refuse, because when he’s not kissing babies or approving city planning budgets, Sebastian is ruling the criminal underworld as the universally feared and revered gang lord, The Gray Man.

Now, war is brewing, and my Crew and I are charged with planning and executing the next stage of our empire’s expansion - a recruitment drive involving the next generation of local graduating students.

The mission is clear: Bring as many new grads into the fold as possible…and don’t bother coming home without the group of budding young gang leaders known as the Rox Boys.

I don’t have many memories of my life before Sebastian ‘adopted’ me, only a ragged scar, and a spiraling lack of self control. Now I find myself playing the part of a senior upperclassman in Roxborough, my supposed hometown.

There’s something about these eye-catching Rox Boys — one of the reasons why I’ve personally dubbed them The Pantheon.

I just can’t remember what it is.

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